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1. Why is it necessary?

In the new economy, the corporation and the small business need of each other more than ever. Small Businesses can reach larger markets through corporations, as a partner instead of a regular vendor.
A Business Plan is the document that connects the idea with the realization of the business. It is also a presentation card that shows the business and financial feasibility of the idea, for new investors and trade partners.

2. What Santucci Consulting does for you:

  • Business Plans according to international standards.
  • Advising on internal and external financing.
  • Analysis and negotiation with alternative financing sources.
  • Strategic, tactical and operational evaluation of business ideas.
  • International business opportunities, import, export, new target markets.
  • Organizational charts design. Procedure manuals and charts.
  • Legal and accounting services for the business foundation.

3. What do we want to achieve

In Santucci Consulting we enjoy these projects by walking our entrepreneurs through every step of the company life, growing with their business.
This way, we reassure the company's solid establishment in the market, with all the available resources at the lowest cost.
Our goal is get the company running in the most efficient way and in compliance with its market's legal, tax, and professional applicable regulations.

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