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1. Why is it necessary?

Financial Statements are to be certified by an independent accountant according to the Argentinean regulations. These norms are intended to protect the users of Financial Statements by reassuring that they are prepared according to accounting standards, and they reasonably represent the actual economic situation of the company. The auditing process also helps detecting procedure failures, contributing to their recreation for more efficiency and precision.

2. What Santucci Consulting does for you?

An auditing process performed by professionals that have worked as internal and external auditors at different companies. Our auditors not only identify the problems, but also propose solutions, encouraging the change through correction, perfection, and creation.
These are the types of audits that we offer:

  • Annual and Quarterly Statements.
  • Certifications.
  • Operative audits.
  • Due Diligence
  • Special purpose audits (required by Senior Management)

3. Our goals

To provide a reliable solution to legal requirements, and a dedicate analysis of the business processes to improve the functional efficiency towards the company objectives.

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